Initial assessment: £320

Please allow up to 90 minutes

A thorough first appointment to discuss your current difficulties, what you’d like to achieve and background information to understand your individual situation and make a formulation / diagnosis and agree a plan.

Includes a letter to your GP.


Follow Up appointments: £150                                   

Please allow up to 45 minutes

Continued assessment (necessary for neurodevelopmental assessments) and monitoring of your mood and response and side-effects from any medication.

Parent (or carer) only appointments available for detailed background and developmental histories.

Continued development of skills and strategies for managing challenges (such as self-harm or other methods of coping with difficult emotions, or anxiety and low mood) and improving your wellbeing.

Includes an update letter to your GP.


ADHD medication follow up appointments: £90

Please allow up to 25 minutes

Review of response to medication, side effects and monitoring of physical observations.

Dose adjustments as required.

Includes an update letter to your GP.


Conners forms: £50

Questionnaire forms for parents, teachers and young people (depending on age) which are then scored.

These are not a standalone assessment but contribute to the diagnosis of ADHD (or monitoring of medication)


QB check: £200

Please allow up to an hour, the test itself takes 15-20 minutes.

A specific computerised assessment contributing to the assessment of ADHD symptoms.


ADOS assessment: £500

This usually takes 45 – 60 minutes but please allow up to 90 minutes.

 A specific interactive assessment for Autism Spectrum Disorder.

This is a multi-disciplinary assessment with myself and another mental health professional who isn’t a psychiatrist (for example a psychiatric nurse, psychologist or occupational therapist).

This is not a standalone assessment but significantly contributes to the diagnosis (or exclusion) of ASD.

Report included.


All appointments include time for prescribing as appropriate but all medication with young people must be monitored by a specialist and necessitates a follow up appointment.

Liaison (for example discussion with teachers or other professionals) and other work is charged at £150 per hour (in parts of 15 minutes) and will be discussed with you in advance as required.